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Debt Collection

I occasionally represent individuals or small businesses (not financial institutions) seeking to collect money owed.  At times I also help clients seeking to defend debt collection, particularly debts that may be subject to a legal defense such as a statute of limitations defense.  I do not handle disputed debts that are factually in dispute, except to dispose of them in bankruptcy.

On either side, strangers to the collection lawsuit can be surprised at the difficulty of collecting a debt, or settling an agreed debt without seeing an explosion of fees added to the balance.  This can be the case even when the debt is uncontested.

Whether you are a individual or small business collecting an unpaid charge, a person needing an attorney to negotiate a payment plan, or someone defending an improper collection, I am willing to discuss your matter without charge or obligation, and recommend a cost-effective solution to achieve your goal. 

For creditors and debtors, remember that creditors generally cannot obtain their legal fees expended on collection efforts, unless a written agreement with the debtor allows this type of recovery.  I can also work with clients to learn from past mistakes and organize their contracts so that the client will have the best possible chance of collecting any future debts.

Creditors should always consider that a debtor may be difficult to locate, or may have few resources with which to pay the debt.  I can provide my client with an honest assessment of the most cost-effective way to obtain payment from a difficult debtor, or settle a debt for either party, utilizing my knowledge of bankruptcy law and creditor's rights.  If it is likely that the debt cannot be collected without incurring legal fees and costs that will exceed the amount owed, or that money spent defending a debt would be better spent on paying it, I will so advise you.

Please E-Mail me or give me a call if you have any questions about a collection matter.

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